Why Us ?

.We provide a customized report based on proposal along with the inspection of cargo. Proposals are based on the size of household and not fleet.

.Assistance in all risk transits through nationalized insurance companies.

.The cargo is packed by experts in a professional manner that nullifies breakage concerns.

.The luggage is packed by Corrugated Sheets, Air bubbles, Stretch Films, Thermo Pads, Stepping Ropes, Cello Tapes, Wooden Crates, Wooden Boxes, 9mm Ply Cartoon Boxes, Foams and various other materials.

.Accountability for on time delivery is carried out with a very strong fleet.

.Proper supply chain management techniques are implemented for quick pack-up vehicles if required, to comply with time deadlines.

.Nationwide network branches all over the country. We provide comfortable and tension free transactions for all sorts of clients.

.According to the corporate policy we believe in providing best of the services, to our clients with accurate information.

.We provide service with a smile and we believe that we will be able to bring the same on your face.

.We are energetic, dynamic and ever expanding and we tend to set our goals high, day in and day out.

.In due course, we wish to become the market leader, through our excellent and delightful services.


"I would like to say that this was one of the most accomdating moves."Jimmi Wills...

Quick Contact

Bipin ku. sahani :9776665552
Ajit Ku. sahani :9937153691 / 9777857856
Ph: 0674-3267649

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